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A full figure under wire bra is a great choice for busty women, in this article we are reviewing Undie award winners bra by Wacoal.
Wacoal basic beauty full figure under wire bra has been featured in style magazine and received the award for the best under garment. This Wacoal bra has been designed especially for the full figured women; it is a full coverage under wire bra that is made of durable and stretch nylon. This is the most comfortable bra for every day wear, it provides comfort and support, the cups are really soft, and it gives a smooth appearance under clothes and gives a nice, smooth and rounded natural shape. No lines will be shown even under fitted tops and clingiest clothes, the cups are molded, lightly lined and have under wires, the cups give a natural rounded shape to the chest. The bra has pretty picot trim on the neckline and shoulder straps, straps are adjustable, the cups are lightly lined for modesty but are free of padding. The sides of the bra are also seamless, the bra has a V back, this bra is perfect for the plus size and full figured women, this bra gives a perfect fit, the bra is very durable and supports all the way.

prima donna madison full cup bra

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How to get the right fit in a bra?

Measuring bra size is quite tricky, but you can do it if you have the right bra size chart, you can easily get a bra size chart online and measure your bust line. Most women get a bra in wrong size, or they keep on wearing the same bra for couple of years, there are many factors that can change your weight and your bust size also changes with it. Whether you buy a padded bra or a non-padded bra, you should always get the right size, just get a measuring tape and measure your bust line easily in your home. There are a few indicators of a wrong bra size, such as, wrinkled cups, cup spillage, slipping straps, or a band riding up your shoulders. There are factors that can change bra size naturally, a weight gain, different exercise regime, pregnancy, a change of diet, are just few of the common reasons for a change in bra size. Whenever you feel you need to change your bra, you should do it; you should buy new bras every four months or six months, you should try a new bra on before purchasing it, you can wear your bra over your shirt and check its size.


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Have you tried the Demi Cup Bra?

When wearing particular outfits women may choose specific bras to enhance their figures in the items of clothing. One of the most flexible bras is that of the demi cup bra.

The demi cup bras are essential for the majority of women because these styles cover less of the breast than many other designs, thus can be worn with a variety of tops and dresses. These fashionable bras tend to have straps set further from the neck and wider along the shoulders making the bra less visible to those wearing low scoop and open neckline tops.

While women with a larger bust have no difficulty filling a bra cup, the more petite women would prefer the demi cup as it minimises the buckling and enhances cleavage as a fuller cup bra style.

There are many types of bras and sexy demi cups available, as well as normal demi cup bras to create the subdued average effect.

demi cup bra

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Big Bra Problems, Solved

If you wear a big bra, it may be hard for you to find a bra size that truly fits. Because it’s hard to find stores that carry bras in bigger sizes, finding one that truly fits you may be a hard task. If you are experiencing big bra problems whenever you wear one, here are some solutions on how to make it right for you.

If your bust is “spilling” outside the cups of your big bra, it’s time to change the cup size into a bigger one. When the breast tissue near under arm is “falling” or bulging, one solution for you would be to change your big bra style to a more appropriate one. Avoid a triangle styled bra and opt for ones that offer more coverage. If the underwire of your big bra is popping out, make sure you change the size of your band into a smaller one and change your cup size into a larger size in order to correct this.


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Essentials: Big Bras

Finding big bras that provide support may sometimes be a difficult thing. One reason behind this may be the fact that most regular lingerie boutiques do not carry bras that are sized DD and above, making it hard for a woman to find a right size that will totally fit and provide comfort and the right support.

If you are shopping for big bras, you need to make sure that you get properly fitted by a professional bra fitter. Bra fitters offer their services to women who find it hard to get an accurate bra size, and also in order to help them to find a bra that truly fits and complements their bodies. Most women simply don’t have the time and choose to measure their bra sizes themselves, and this may only lead to inaccurate measurements and more bra problems.

Schedule that next bra fitting session with a professional fitter now!

big bra

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Strapless Bra Tips

Admit it—a strapless bra is one complicated piece of lingerie. It can be quite hard to wear, and we sometimes fear that it will just fall out of place during the most important part of the evening, which can be really, really embarrassing. Well, it’s time to kiss your fears of the strapless bra goodbye—here are some tips that you can keep in mind so that you can turn that strapless bra into your best friend.

First things first—when you buy a strapless bra, make sure to try it on first. Move around it when you try them on—stretch and bend over, just to make sure that it will stay in place and is of the right fit. Throw your hands up, dance in it, or whatever—rule is, make sure it will stay in place! Choose a colour that won’t show through your dress. Nude works perfect for this. Also, include a bra adhesive in your shopping list so that your strapless bra will stay in place for good.

strapless bra

lace strapless bra

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Complete Your Collection with These Essentials Bras

If you are one of those women obsessed with lingerie, then you know how important bras are in making your collection more attractive and luxurious! Modern bras sure come with style nowadays, and possess a superior fit. If you are planning to add more, make sure that you have all these bra essentials to keep you covered in comfort and style.

Everyday basic bras are a must. Own at least 3-6, so that you don’t have to worry about overusing them. Choose seamless or seamed bras. Padded cotton bras are your best choice for comfort. For formal attire, include a backless bra so that you’d be looking fabulous when you wear that evening dress. Convertible bras are always an essential and also practical. A lace bra is always sexy, so make sure to include it in your collection. Lastly, a demi-cup looks not only attractive, it has a great fit that will help you feel comfortable all day long.

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Say No to Poorly-Fit Bras!

Most of the women I know have experienced problems that involve bras. Yes, no matter how the fact that 80% of women are wearing a wrong bra size is widely-known and accepted, most women still are wearing a bra that doesn’t really fit them at all—because they haven’t consulted a professional bra fitter yet to have a bra fitting session.

A bra fitting session is definitely the quickest and the most accurate way for you to know your bra size. The benefits of undergoing a bra fitting session are a lot, and one of this is to know the best bra style there is for you that complements your body to make you look even more sexy and fabulous. Using your bra size as a gauge in shopping for bras is important because it lets you find that perfect-fitting bra.

Consult a professional bra fitter now.


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Big Bra Shopping

Shopping for a big bra may be a frustrating experience for some women. Most women would encounter difficulties in finding the perfect-fitting bra, and in most cases, when it comes to big bras, it’s even harder because finding brands that carry high-quality big bras aren’t a lot.

If you are buying a big bra, remember that support and comfort are your priorities. It’s important that your bust get the proper support they need. When you buy big bras, make sure that the bra lies flat on your chest. Do not allow your breasts to “spill” out of the cups. This indicates that you are wearing an incorrect bra size. Make sure you adjust the size so that your big bra will be able to support your bust properly, and for you to experience comfort.

Remember to prioritise support when you shop for big bras! It will surely make a difference in making you feel comfortable while wearing your big bra.

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Bravissimo: The Lingerie Expert

Many brands have been known to provide quality and fashionable bras, and it’s a known fact that Bravissimo is one of those brands. If you are trying to shop for a bra that offers superior support and style, Bravissimo is definitely for you.

Bravissimo is a brand that values fit and comfort above anything else. Not only do its bras offer superior support and comfort, its lingerie collection also boasts of fashionable and stylish designs. Many women love lingerie, and the brand is well-loved because it gives women many trendy bra choices. Choose from its many styles that come in all sizes. The brand offers big bras as well—making it a go-to brand for many women who find it hard to shop for bigger-sized bras.

It’s easy to like Bravissimo and it’s always a must to add its lingerie products to your growing lingerie collection.

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