Flatter Your Figure

1- How to choose a comfortable bra?

Whenever you are looking for a bra, you should choose one that is the most comfortable one, accentuates your figure and gives you comfort and support. There is nothing wrong in wearing a padded bra, as long as you feel comfortable and confident in it, but make sure it accentuates your figure, it should flatter your body, not make it look like out of the place. If you have big bust you can carry a padded bra and a non-padded bra as well, the choice is yours, there is nothing wrong in having a big bust and wanting to show it, but, only if you feel comfortable in it.

Push-up bras are also a good choice for women, who want more curves and shape, but, always make sure to get the right fit for a push-up bra and shop from a good brand. If you get a poor quality bra that does not fit you well, puts pressure on your chest and makes you uneasy, it is not the right fit, comfort and durability of a bra should be your first choice.  Victoria’s secret has some really nice designs for bras and panties, lingerie of all kind, night wear and work out clothes, also, there is something for women of all sizes and shapes.

green push up bra by Victorias Secret

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Get Your Bra Fitting

Here’s the bra fitting idea: get a measuring tape. Stand in front of the mirror. Wrap the measuring tape around your chest. Wrap the measuring tape around your bust this time. Get measurements. Sounds familiar? Well, this is usually the traditional way of measuring your bra size, and unfortunately, no matter how simple it may sound, they will most probably be inaccurate.

This is the reason why a bra fitting session is important. A professional bra fitter will definitely help you get that accurate bra size. A bra fitting makes it easy for you to determine your correct size that you can use as reference each time you shop for new bras. Bra fitters also go the extra mile by suggesting different bra styles for you to try that will definitely complement your figure. Talk about great service!

Schedule a bra fitting with a professional and spare yourself the trouble of having an inaccurate bra size.

bra fitting

are you wearing the wrong size bra?

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Complete Your Collection with These Essentials Bras

If you are one of those women obsessed with lingerie, then you know how important bras are in making your collection more attractive and luxurious! Modern bras sure come with style nowadays, and possess a superior fit. If you are planning to add more, make sure that you have all these bra essentials to keep you covered in comfort and style.

Everyday basic bras are a must. Own at least 3-6, so that you don’t have to worry about overusing them. Choose seamless or seamed bras. Padded cotton bras are your best choice for comfort. For formal attire, include a backless bra so that you’d be looking fabulous when you wear that evening dress. Convertible bras are always an essential and also practical. A lace bra is always sexy, so make sure to include it in your collection. Lastly, a demi-cup looks not only attractive, it has a great fit that will help you feel comfortable all day long.

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How to Buy Big Bras

Big-busted women sometimes have trouble finding big bras that truly fit them. Since most boutiques or stores carry lingerie that has limited sizing, it sometimes is hard for women to find a bra that truly fits them properly. What happens most of the time would be women settling for a bra that are too small, making them feel uncomfortable and cause pain.

Buying big brasImage need not be confusing and frustrating. Going online to shop for big bras is one option, if you want to get value for your money. When buying big bras online, make sure that you know your accurate bra size so that you can use it as a tool in letting you shop for a big bra that totally fits you. You can choose among thousands of online lingerie stores that carry big bras, so you don’t have to worry about not finding a bra that will match your style and personality.

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Revolutionary Bra Measuring Tape

Measuring your bra size can be a little confusing, especially if you choose to do it yourself. While using a regular measuring tape is okay, having a measuring tape made specifically for measuring your bra size is actually good news for a lot of women.

The bra measuring tape actually consists of numbers that show your possible cup size and bra band size in an instant. This makes it easier for you to have an idea on what your measurement could be, and you don’t have to worry about computing for your size.

The measuring tape was originally used by untrained for retailers but the makers found out that it actually can help women take their measurements on their own, given the fact that it may be quite uncomfortable to be measured by someone else. 90% of women said that they found the tape easier to use, and they loved it because it gave them a sense of privacy that you don’t get when you get a fitting.

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Quick Bra Fit Tips

Women are often in a pickle due to poorly fitted bras. A large percentage of women often have a bra too small that causes gapage over the edge of the cup. Often women buy  big bras that ride up and cause embarrassment.
So in order for you to avoid awkward situations because of a poorly-fit bra, here are some tips to consider.

Bra fitting is important– but if you do not have the resources to consult the services of a bra fitter, you can do it yourself. Bra fitting isn’t easy, but with enough practice I’m sure you’ll get through it.

Remember that the cup should be able to snugly fit your breasts. Bulging means it’s too small, so go up one cup if this happens. Go down a size if there are wrinkles or extra fabric on the cup.

It’s time to go down a band size if it’s “riding” up high in the back. Also, if it feels too tight and leaves red marks, go up a size.

Make sure you get a bra fitting whenever possible!

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