Choosing The Correct Sports Bra

If you live an active lifestyle, you should know by now that a sports bra is a necessity in order for you to engage in physical activity with comfort and ease. If this is your first time in buying one, we’ll give you tips on how to correctly choose the correct sports bra.

Remember to consider your impact level. Will you be using it for running? Weight training? Basketball, or tennis? Low impact are mostly weight training or walking. Medium is for moderate hiking and inline skating, and high is for aerobics, running, and mountain biking.

Sports bra types vary. If your cup size is A-B, choose the compression type. Combination types are for B-C, while encapsulation types are for D to DD.

Make sure that the fit is perfect– not too tight that you can’t breathe, or not too loose, like a regular bra. Consult your bra fitter for advice, and more tips.

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Smart Choices For Active Women

Do you belong to the 68% of women who exercise regularly while still wearing an ordinary bra?

Well, it’s about time to think about your choices for a little while– I’ve got more numbers for you. Did you know that wearing an ordinary bra can only reduce breast movement by 38%? Think of the pain you’re most likely to encounter when this happens. There’s also the risk of breast deformation, and soreness. So why suffer when you’ve got a choice?

Wearing a shockabsorber bra promises to reduce breast movement and bounce due to physical activity by a whopping 78%, allowing less strain and less pain for your breasts. We all know how support is important, so it’s vital to wear a shockabsorber bra during those days you want to break out a sweat or two from running, walking, hiking, or biking.

Make that smart choice now. Wear a shockabsorber bra.

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