Pregnancy Underwear & Clothing Suggestions

Pregnancy wear is for all time heavy on your pockets because you will be wearing them merely for a few months. Therefore choosing a maternity wardrobe requires smart thinking to shop cleverly and get the most for the money spent.

Pregnancy is the most joyful phase for every woman and maternity apparels need to be comfortable, stretchable, and durable. Choosing a pregnancy wardrobe means making way for new loose fit clothes for mother and the new born.

Here are a few steps in choosing a Maternity Wardrobe

1. Favour discount sales, bargains, fleet markets, and freebies to acquire these clothes. You will absolutely find interesting and fashionable apparels for a lesser expense. Borrowing a few dresses from friends and relatives who became mommies will cut back your costs even better.

2. Select Your Own Clothes – A number of loose fit clothes you’ve had shopped long back may come to use now. Those wrap around skirts, frilly stretchy dresses, ponchos and sarong dresses may be put to use now. Even the yoga pants, lycra leggings, stretch pants and sweaters can also be used now.

3. Pregnancy Lingerie Wear – acquiring a set of bikini underwear is the spot on thing to do. The size can be adjusted or resized and worn even after baby delivery. Comfortable granny underwear is also a good choice.

While selecting bras, you can go for stretchable sports bras and then buy a maternity bra for the convenience of nursing the baby. You should shop early to get familiar to these maternity apparels.

4. Pregnancy Footwear – It has been widely known that flat or just low heeled shoes is all the time better as it will maintain the body balance. Slippers, sandals, and slip shoes are known to provide the comfortable feel, it is simple as well as trendy.

5. Pregnancy Party Wear – Wearing dark colours does make you look thinner. Blacks and browns will reasonably hide the baby bump. Stockings that are thigh high will make the legs long slender and neat.

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Pregnant Molly Sims Maternity Bra

Actress and model Molly Sims was recently spotted wearing a sheer top. And because of her outfit, Sims’ maternity bra was also spotted.

Molly Sims announced her pregnancy two weeks ago. She wrote on her official Twitter page: “Big news…I’m having a baby!” The “Vegas” actress and model who is best known for her Sports Illustrated photos is married to film producer Scott Stuber. They got hitched in September last year.

The model and actress stepped out in a sheer leopard print blouse that displayed her rapidly growing stomach. The 38 year old Sims showed that by wearing a sheer top, a pregnant woman can also look sexy even during her pregnancy months.

Sims’ see through blouse also showed just a flash of her black bra, for her day out in Los Angeles. The expectant mother also wore an animal print and a flowing black skirt. For her feet, she wore a pair of ballet pumps. Sims was on her way to a nail salon.

Sims is currently busy hosting of the new reality competition Project Accessory, a spin-off of Project Runway.

She said the baby, which is due in June, was conceived on the couple’s honeymoon in Hawaii following their marriage in Napa Valley, California.

“The last time I had news that I was this excited to share with everyone was when Scott proposed last May. There are simply no words to describe the feeling…I finally get what they mean when they say pregnant women GLOW,” she said.

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