Have you tried the Demi Cup Bra?

When wearing particular outfits women may choose specific bras to enhance their figures in the items of clothing. One of the most flexible bras is that of the demi cup bra.

The demi cup bras are essential for the majority of women because these styles cover less of the breast than many other designs, thus can be worn with a variety of tops and dresses. These fashionable bras tend to have straps set further from the neck and wider along the shoulders making the bra less visible to those wearing low scoop and open neckline tops.

While women with a larger bust have no difficulty filling a bra cup, the more petite women would prefer the demi cup as it minimises the buckling and enhances cleavage as a fuller cup bra style.

There are many types of bras and sexy demi cups available, as well as normal demi cup bras to create the subdued average effect.

demi cup bra

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Freya, Putting the fun back in lingerie

If you are looking for lingerie that will make you feel and look beautiful effortlessly, then it’s time to end your search—Freya is definitely the brand for you. The brand has definitely mastered the art of combining quality, comfort, and fashion into its many products, making it one of the most popular brands of lingerie today.

Freya lingerie has a lot of products in its collection. You can choose from its many bras, underwear sets, and even swimwear. You don’t have to worry about not finding your size since the brand is dedicated in creating lingerie for the plus-sized women and women who have big cup sizes. Stylewise, you won’t be disappointed. Elegance, fun, stylish, sophisticated—there’s always a Freya bra for you.

Stop your search and don’t be late to the Freya party—add its luxurious lingerie to your collection now.

Freya bras

Freya lingerie set

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Bra Fitting With a Professional

According to celebrity fashion consultant Gok Wan, one of the greatest problems facing females and their bosoms is that many women are wearing the incorrect size bra. In various interviews he has noted that while professional bra fitting is available, many women choose not to access this service and wear bras which are too big or too small. This not only creates catastrophic fashion faux pas’ but can also damage one’s health.

Many women are too embarrassed to go have a professional bra fitting, and will wear ill-fitting bras. Unfortunately, this can lead to breast tissue damage and potentially misshapen breasts. One must also take into account that a professional bra fitting doesn’t include nudity – it is merely a measuring of one’s bust size whilst wearing a bra.

In conclusion, considering the consequences of wearing an ill-fitting bra perhaps some embarrassment isn’t all that bad. A bra fitting could keep your breasts healthy!

professional bra fitter

get the perfect fit with a professional

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The Right Fit: Freya Bras

Freya lingerie has long been known as one of the popular lingerie brands made exclusively for big-busted or plus-sized women. What separates the brand Freya from the rest would be its promise of superior fitting big bras that combine fashion and fun. If you are on the lookout for a big bra that has style, taste, and fit, it’s about time that you discover Freya.

Having a wide range of sizes and styles is one of the brand’s many traits. If you worry about not finding a bra that is bigger that a cup G, you’d be glad to know that it bra cup sizes that are from D-K, making sure that you’d get the  proper fit that you’ve been looking for in a big bra. When it comes to style, you can choose from the brand’s many colours, prints, designs, and styles.

Find the right fit with a Freya big bra.

White Freya Retro Bra

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Strapless Bras 101

Among the many types of everyday bras, women all tend to agree that a strapless bra is one of the most complicated bras to wear. A strapless bra also is quite challenging to wear—without having straps, it’s hard to find one that truly fits.

The strength of the fabric is key to making a strapless bra work. The band’s design also contributes to the fit and support it provides. The important thing to consider when buying a strapless bra would be to find one with a wide band so it can provide enough support to your bust, and get a fit that you’d want.

Strapless bras are often worn with fabulous dresses and off-shouldered tops. By wearing one, you will be sure that it won’t ruin your outfit and you’d look presentable. Just make sure that you buy one that fits you properly, so you don’t have to adjust it always each time you wear it.

strapless bra

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Stay Ahead With Freya

Many women have been wearing the wrong bra sizes for a long time now, without even knowing it. It’s even more difficult for big-busted women, because big bras are even harder to find. Having the perfect fit is also a challenge. To address these difficulties, it’s good enough to know that Freya is there to make a difference.

Freya is the choice of women who value quality, design, and overall style. With so many styles to choose from, it’s very easy to fall in love with Freya. Their bestsellers all have different sizes to accommodate women in all shapes, and you’ll be guaranteed of the best fit along with a stylish and sensual design.

The next time you’re looking for quality lingerie make it a Freya. You’ll be able to feel the difference in overall quality, design, style, and comfort. Looking good has never been this easy!

freya bra


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Big Bra Problems, Solved

If you wear a big bra, it may be hard for you to find a bra size that truly fits. Because it’s hard to find stores that carry bras in bigger sizes, finding one that truly fits you may be a hard task. If you are experiencing big bra problems whenever you wear one, here are some solutions on how to make it right for you.

If your bust is “spilling” outside the cups of your big bra, it’s time to change the cup size into a bigger one. When the breast tissue near under arm is “falling” or bulging, one solution for you would be to change your big bra style to a more appropriate one. Avoid a triangle styled bra and opt for ones that offer more coverage. If the underwire of your big bra is popping out, make sure you change the size of your band into a smaller one and change your cup size into a larger size in order to correct this.


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Online Lingerie Stores

Buying lingerie should always be a fun experience, especially if you are a first timer. Whether you want to add more into your already growing collection, or just starting a new one, owning luxurious lingerie is always a great way to look good and feel good, both inside and out.

Luckily, buying them has become easier for most of us. Thanks to technology, there are countless of online lingerie stores that are ready to wow us with their countless lingerie choices at affordable prices. Going online to shop at online lingerie stores offers convenience, as well as savings, since most of these online lingerie stores offer discounts or special offers when you shop. Shopping for lingerie has never been fun and easier—with just a click of a button and you’re on your way into owning a fashionable product that will make you feel good and stylish in an instant.

online lingerie shopping

online shopping

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Essentials: Big Bras

Finding big bras that provide support may sometimes be a difficult thing. One reason behind this may be the fact that most regular lingerie boutiques do not carry bras that are sized DD and above, making it hard for a woman to find a right size that will totally fit and provide comfort and the right support.

If you are shopping for big bras, you need to make sure that you get properly fitted by a professional bra fitter. Bra fitters offer their services to women who find it hard to get an accurate bra size, and also in order to help them to find a bra that truly fits and complements their bodies. Most women simply don’t have the time and choose to measure their bra sizes themselves, and this may only lead to inaccurate measurements and more bra problems.

Schedule that next bra fitting session with a professional fitter now!

big bra

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Get Your Bra Fitting

Here’s the bra fitting idea: get a measuring tape. Stand in front of the mirror. Wrap the measuring tape around your chest. Wrap the measuring tape around your bust this time. Get measurements. Sounds familiar? Well, this is usually the traditional way of measuring your bra size, and unfortunately, no matter how simple it may sound, they will most probably be inaccurate.

This is the reason why a bra fitting session is important. A professional bra fitter will definitely help you get that accurate bra size. A bra fitting makes it easy for you to determine your correct size that you can use as reference each time you shop for new bras. Bra fitters also go the extra mile by suggesting different bra styles for you to try that will definitely complement your figure. Talk about great service!

Schedule a bra fitting with a professional and spare yourself the trouble of having an inaccurate bra size.

bra fitting

are you wearing the wrong size bra?

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