Must haves of a bra

In the year 1960s the average bra size was a meek 10B. Nowadays, that standard size has developed to a 14C. And there are a lot more women are well gifted than that.

Therefore what type of characteristics does one need in a bra if you have a bigger bust size? It’s significant to put on the correct bra-size that provides a sufficient level of support.

This helps steer clear of frequent problems such as back, neck and shoulder pain, Roxanne Parker, Amoena Mia lingerie general manager says that pain is common if a bra doesn’t fit correctly and weight pulls down on the shoulders and neck. And in addition, women with larger busts often suffer from excessive heat build-up. The tissue in the breast can rub and cause friction, which sometimes causes a heat rash.

Amoena Mia is a company who has recently placed in the market a whole range of bras in a fabric that incorporates a technology used by NASA to look after astronauts from temperature fluctuations and the discomfort of heat build-up and perspiration.

The band which is located around the chest should support about 80 percent of the breast, so search for a bra with a firm band that fits correctly. Finding one that is too tight will overhang at the back and sides of the bra and if its too loose the band will ride up your back, putting weight on the shoulder straps.

The shoulder straps have to support about 20 percent of the weight of your breasts. Bras with elasticised strap give more flexibility which is ideal for sport. A rigid strap gives greater support and less movement.

The cups should fully contain your breasts with no spillage at the top or sides.

The wings or side gore stretch from the sides of the cup to the back where the band fastens. Bras with wings design made of finer fabric may allow tissue to overhang at the sides and dig into the skin, so they may not be as comfortable.

And lastly the fabrics, such as cotton and lace are fine as long as the bra fits properly


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