Get Your Bra Fitting

Here’s the bra fitting idea: get a measuring tape. Stand in front of the mirror. Wrap the measuring tape around your chest. Wrap the measuring tape around your bust this time. Get measurements. Sounds familiar? Well, this is usually the traditional way of measuring your bra size, and unfortunately, no matter how simple it may sound, they will most probably be inaccurate.

This is the reason why a bra fitting session is important. A professional bra fitter will definitely help you get that accurate bra size. A bra fitting makes it easy for you to determine your correct size that you can use as reference each time you shop for new bras. Bra fitters also go the extra mile by suggesting different bra styles for you to try that will definitely complement your figure. Talk about great service!

Schedule a bra fitting with a professional and spare yourself the trouble of having an inaccurate bra size.

bra fitting

are you wearing the wrong size bra?

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Find Your Nursing Bra Size

It’s always a joyful experience for a mother to give birth to a child. The rewards are priceless, and motherhood is just one of those moments that can’t be put into words.

When moms go through the nursing period, it’s always important to wear a nursing bra because it provides convenience and support. A nursing bra eases the entire nursing process, and it gives less strain and more comfort to moms. If you’re buying a nursing bra for the first time, here are the steps to find out your nursing bra size.

Your cup can increase a size or two after you give birth. Make sure you buy a nursing bra that is 2 sizes bigger after pregnancy. Your bra should be able to be hooked in the middle, and that your breasts are covered fully. There should be no bulge, and if there is, go a band size higher.

Nursing bras are truly an important part of your motherhood wardrobe as you welcome your new baby!

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