Union Files Discrimination Suit

A union has recently filed a discrimination suit again a store that allegedly required a female employee to wear a tag that bore her bra size.

Swedish union The Commercial Employees’ Union has filed a discrimination suit against a store accused of forcing an employee to wear a name tag listing her bra size.

Representatives from the union said that the act of requiring a female employee to wear a tag that bore her bra size was not fair and was definitely an insult not only against the said female employee but to women in general. The female employee remains unnamed to this day.

The Swedish union is suing the company that owns a store called “Change” in Gothenburg. Accordingly, the female employee complained in November that she was forced to wear a tag that bore her bra size. She said that it was against her will to do so.

The company that owns “Change,” however, insisted that the female employee did it voluntarily and that they did not enforce it to the employee.

The lawsuit alleges a breach of discrimination laws and the union’s collective wage agreement.

“Our union member has experienced something offensive and discomforting in the wearing of such badges. For her, bust size is deeply personal,” union spokeswoman Jannika Fahlander said in a statement.

The suit is seeking $43,410 in compensation for the employee and $14,443 to the union for violating the collective bargaining agreement.

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