Bra Styles Tips & Fitting

Bras come in many styles, designs, sizes and colours, there is a bra for every woman, and every woman has a different size and shape of breast, so you should always measure your size before shopping bras online. Many women complain that when they wear a bra one cup puckers and the other fits right, it is a common problem as many women have one breast larger than other, you should wear molded bras or seamless bras, even when you wear padded bras you can experience this problem. Almost all women have one breast larger than other, sometimes the difference is noticeable, use breast enhances in the bottom of the cup of your small breast. or you can purchase a bra with stretch fabric in the cups, there are bras that come with contour cups that can easily hide the difference, if the difference is still noticeable you can put in coolies, or pads inside you bra cup. You can purchase a padded bra with removable cookies; you can place cookies in the cup of small breast. If you experience this problem, don’t get embarrassed as it is very common, nearly all women have one breast larger than the other.

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Lingerie Collection Essentials

There are a few must haves that you all should have in your lingerie wardrobe, there are a few supportive lingerie essentials we all must own, you should invest in comfortable lingerie that can be worn at many occasions with different dresses. Your lingerie collection should include colors such as nudes, black and skin color, if you wear red a lot, keep a red bra as well, you can pick lacy and colorful panties in any color, nudes, black or colorful. We all have a few bras we like to wear everyday, or wear for two or three days simultaneously, there is nothing wrong in it unless you are not sweating in it, but you should alter two or more bras over the week, cause body heat can relax the fabric, everyday bras should be very comfortable, try altering bras and not to wear same bra for three or four days. For summers, wear light cotton bras and bras with padding for winters; you should also have a strapless bra in your lingerie wardrobe. You should also have a t shirt bra and a comfortable sports bra, there are different sports bras as the intensity of sporting activity varies for everyone.

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Common Bra Fitting Problems

Women encounter many bra fitting problems, 8 out of 10 women wear an ill-fitting bra, most women don’t bother to measure their bra size, and you should consult a bra fitting chart to calculate your size. Most common bra fitting problems are cups being too big, or the bra cups being too small that results on oozing out and bulging of breast, there are bra fitting experts in nearly all major lingerie stores, you must consult them if you are unsure of your bra size. A perfect bra fitting is the one in which the cups fully encapsulate your breast without causing any discomfort, the back band staying at its position without riding up, you should always try on a bra before purchasing it, no matter what bra style it is. It is unhealthy and unwise to walk around in an uncomfortable, too tight and irritating bra; it is unhealthy as it can cause unnatural stretching and sagging of your breast along with other problems. The bra strap should not cut into your shoulders or slip off your shoulders; you should be able to pull the back band up to 2 inches not less or more than that. By following these tips you can find a perfect bra size.

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Solving Lingerie Problems

When shopping for lingerie, you come across many problems, the main problems is the sizing, so how do you go about solving lingerie fitting problems, the most common mistake women make while shopping is picking a bra that has a large band size and small cup size. There are many supportive lingerie styles to choose from, baby doll lingerie is really popular, you can also pick up push up lingerie or one that come with padding and under wire. But, you should try on different styles in lingerie and see what fits you right, if you feel you have taken a small cup size in your bra and the band fits right, go up in cup sizes, go up two cup sizes and go down one band size and see if that fits right. Women have a psyche buying a bra that looks pretty rather one that fits right, they pick bra size they want to be, and here comes all the fitting problems, but wearing a small size for large breast is a big mistake. This will make your breast saggy in no time, if you have jumped from a 36C to 36D, no one will notice the difference if you wear a bra in the right size.

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What Lingerie Suits You?

Many women feel frustrated when struggling to find lingerie in their size to fit and flatter. Women have different sizes and body types; there is also difference in breast shapes, you should always purchase lingerie that is made for your body type, breast size and shape. If you want a sizzling lingerie piece for a special occasion, you can shop for it at lingerie sections of various departmental stores; make sure you get fitted by a professional fitter if you are not sure of your size. Baby doll lingerie is an ultimate favorite among many girls and women as it is easy to carry and it comes with built-in bra like cups. It is a sweet-looking lingerie style but sexy at the same time, it is usually made of silk or nylon, don’t choose silk if you’d be wearing it in summer. This is a perfect choice for women in their twenties, if thongs and baby dolls are not your thing;  go for a camisole, it is a short usually fitted sleeveless top, kind of a tank top, if worn with the right pair of panties it becomes really sexy and appealing. You should always choose lingerie in which you feel beautiful and comfortable, you should not wear something that you don’t want to wear but you have to.

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Find A Great Fitting Strapless Bra

Buying a strapless bra can be a pain; many women go for unflattering strapless bras, the biggest concern for the strapless bra is that it does not stay where it is supposed to stay. A seamless strapless bra can easily be worn under a wedding gown that is backless, you should wear adhesive strapless bra that is wired inside, and these won’t budge or make you wiggle with your bra.

Under wire strapless bra is a great option if it comes with molded cups, these come in cup sizes A to D, not for busty women for sure, but busty women should avoid wearing strapless bras, anyway. Strapless bras are a woman’s greatest fear and these never stay in their place and you keep wiggling with your bra and these make you feel uncomfortable, strapless bras are usually unable to give you a boost, a push up strapless bra is not hard to find, but makes sure it fits you well, you can shop for Victoria’s secret plunge bras that are strapless. It is very important to get the right fit in a strapless bra, it should not be loose, it should give you a slight boost and stay put for long hours.

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Flatter Your Figure

1- How to choose a comfortable bra?

Whenever you are looking for a bra, you should choose one that is the most comfortable one, accentuates your figure and gives you comfort and support. There is nothing wrong in wearing a padded bra, as long as you feel comfortable and confident in it, but make sure it accentuates your figure, it should flatter your body, not make it look like out of the place. If you have big bust you can carry a padded bra and a non-padded bra as well, the choice is yours, there is nothing wrong in having a big bust and wanting to show it, but, only if you feel comfortable in it.

Push-up bras are also a good choice for women, who want more curves and shape, but, always make sure to get the right fit for a push-up bra and shop from a good brand. If you get a poor quality bra that does not fit you well, puts pressure on your chest and makes you uneasy, it is not the right fit, comfort and durability of a bra should be your first choice.  Victoria’s secret has some really nice designs for bras and panties, lingerie of all kind, night wear and work out clothes, also, there is something for women of all sizes and shapes.

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How to get the right fit in a bra?

Measuring bra size is quite tricky, but you can do it if you have the right bra size chart, you can easily get a bra size chart online and measure your bust line. Most women get a bra in wrong size, or they keep on wearing the same bra for couple of years, there are many factors that can change your weight and your bust size also changes with it. Whether you buy a padded bra or a non-padded bra, you should always get the right size, just get a measuring tape and measure your bust line easily in your home. There are a few indicators of a wrong bra size, such as, wrinkled cups, cup spillage, slipping straps, or a band riding up your shoulders. There are factors that can change bra size naturally, a weight gain, different exercise regime, pregnancy, a change of diet, are just few of the common reasons for a change in bra size. Whenever you feel you need to change your bra, you should do it; you should buy new bras every four months or six months, you should try a new bra on before purchasing it, you can wear your bra over your shirt and check its size.


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Panache: One-Stop Lingerie Shop

If you are a full figured woman, finding the perfectly fitting lingerie can be quite tricky for you.  A one-stop solution to lingerie shopping can be an awesome favor especially if it provides quality products that match your lifestyle and taste. UK-based lingerie company Panache understands this and delivers to meet your satisfaction. In fact, it has done so for all its customers around the world.

Panache lingerie has already been seen in the limelight sharing celebrity status with Hollywood stars like Scarlett Johansson who was seen in Iron Man 2 wearing sexy black Panache bra and shorts. With impressive collections of lingerie for women with size up to cup K, the international firm ensures that every woman is given the full support she needs to look and feel good. Panache brands for sports bra, swimwear, and lingerie for special occasions and daily needs are available for women with full figure or big busts.

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Big Bra Shopping Tips

We have heard it said before that most women are wearing either one size too big or too small for them. Fitting big bras should not be such a problem anymore with so many tips online on how to do it right. When you go shopping for your next bra, it pays to know the options available for you if you have a voluptuous or bigger figure.

Minimizers are designed to make your bust appear smaller.  These special big bras provide the right lift, support and positioning to give you the trimmed down look.

Full figure bras usually have larger bands and cup sizes to give women with cup size D or greater a perfect fit. When you do not really want the effect of a minimizer, this is the right under garment to wear.

Plus size bras are in the same cup size range as the full figure ones but they have a band size of 40 or greater.

Next time you shop and flattering big bras under the standard bra category, simply ask the saleslady to show you these types of bras.

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