Strapless Bras 101

Among the many types of everyday bras, women all tend to agree that a strapless bra is one of the most complicated bras to wear. A strapless bra also is quite challenging to wear—without having straps, it’s hard to find one that truly fits.

The strength of the fabric is key to making a strapless bra work. The band’s design also contributes to the fit and support it provides. The important thing to consider when buying a strapless bra would be to find one with a wide band so it can provide enough support to your bust, and get a fit that you’d want.

Strapless bras are often worn with fabulous dresses and off-shouldered tops. By wearing one, you will be sure that it won’t ruin your outfit and you’d look presentable. Just make sure that you buy one that fits you properly, so you don’t have to adjust it always each time you wear it.

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Big Bra Problems, Solved

If you wear a big bra, it may be hard for you to find a bra size that truly fits. Because it’s hard to find stores that carry bras in bigger sizes, finding one that truly fits you may be a hard task. If you are experiencing big bra problems whenever you wear one, here are some solutions on how to make it right for you.

If your bust is “spilling” outside the cups of your big bra, it’s time to change the cup size into a bigger one. When the breast tissue near under arm is “falling” or bulging, one solution for you would be to change your big bra style to a more appropriate one. Avoid a triangle styled bra and opt for ones that offer more coverage. If the underwire of your big bra is popping out, make sure you change the size of your band into a smaller one and change your cup size into a larger size in order to correct this.


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Strapless Bra Tips

Admit it—a strapless bra is one complicated piece of lingerie. It can be quite hard to wear, and we sometimes fear that it will just fall out of place during the most important part of the evening, which can be really, really embarrassing. Well, it’s time to kiss your fears of the strapless bra goodbye—here are some tips that you can keep in mind so that you can turn that strapless bra into your best friend.

First things first—when you buy a strapless bra, make sure to try it on first. Move around it when you try them on—stretch and bend over, just to make sure that it will stay in place and is of the right fit. Throw your hands up, dance in it, or whatever—rule is, make sure it will stay in place! Choose a colour that won’t show through your dress. Nude works perfect for this. Also, include a bra adhesive in your shopping list so that your strapless bra will stay in place for good.

strapless bra

lace strapless bra

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Complete Your Collection with These Essentials Bras

If you are one of those women obsessed with lingerie, then you know how important bras are in making your collection more attractive and luxurious! Modern bras sure come with style nowadays, and possess a superior fit. If you are planning to add more, make sure that you have all these bra essentials to keep you covered in comfort and style.

Everyday basic bras are a must. Own at least 3-6, so that you don’t have to worry about overusing them. Choose seamless or seamed bras. Padded cotton bras are your best choice for comfort. For formal attire, include a backless bra so that you’d be looking fabulous when you wear that evening dress. Convertible bras are always an essential and also practical. A lace bra is always sexy, so make sure to include it in your collection. Lastly, a demi-cup looks not only attractive, it has a great fit that will help you feel comfortable all day long.

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Big Bra Shopping

Shopping for a big bra may be a frustrating experience for some women. Most women would encounter difficulties in finding the perfect-fitting bra, and in most cases, when it comes to big bras, it’s even harder because finding brands that carry high-quality big bras aren’t a lot.

If you are buying a big bra, remember that support and comfort are your priorities. It’s important that your bust get the proper support they need. When you buy big bras, make sure that the bra lies flat on your chest. Do not allow your breasts to “spill” out of the cups. This indicates that you are wearing an incorrect bra size. Make sure you adjust the size so that your big bra will be able to support your bust properly, and for you to experience comfort.

Remember to prioritise support when you shop for big bras! It will surely make a difference in making you feel comfortable while wearing your big bra.

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It’s Always the Perfect Time to Wear a Dress!

Nothing says feminine like a beautiful dress. Have you ever considered on buying dresses for every important occasion? It’s important to have at least 3 dresses for every type of event, because you need to make sure that elegance and sophistication are what your dress exudes.

When wearing a dress, you need to be very careful in choosing the correct undergarment. This is one reason why a strapless bra should be included in your closet. Those sexy dresses that call for shoulders need a strapless bra, so that it maintains its elegance and style.

Off-shouldered dresses also require a strapless bra. You don’t want to make those bra straps visible, right? A strapless bra makes sure that you look fabulous throughout the night.

Looking good and beautiful is always important when you decide to wear a dress during a party. Make sure to make it count by wearing a strapless bra!

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How to Choose a Sports Bra

What do you need to look for when you buy a sports bra? There are a lot of brands out there in the market right now, and many offer different features and styles, but when it comes to buying sports bras, these are the important things that you must consider.

Support is your number one priority. Depending on your activity, choose a sports bra that can provide the appropriate support to reduce bounce and discomfort.

Size also matters. “Overspill” should not occur, and the band strap must be hooked on the loosest eye of the bra.

Material should also be taken into consideration. You want to move freely and comfortably, so make sure the material doesn’t interfere with your activity by being too bulky. Make sure it’s also absorbent– sweat tends to irritate sensitive skin, and you don’t want that to happen.

Make your performance change for the better and wear a sports bra now!

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Bra Essentials

We all know how a bra is a part of our daily wardrobe. There may be a lot of styles and designs, but basically, it all comes down to 3 types of bras that you should have in your closet.

A convertible bra serves a lot of functions. We love how easily you can convert it into a strapless, a halter-type, and a crisscross style, depending on your outfit or the occasion.

Nude bras are a great choice if you want to wear white dresses or any light-coloured shirts.

Finally, a t-shirt bra are your best bet if you’re planning on wearing dresses made of thin fabrics, tight blouses, and body-hugging tops. They shape the breasts without the additional pads, making you look fabulous even more while wearing your favorite outfit.

It’s best to have these bras inside your closet so you can make the most out of your outfit and complement it with a great choice in lingerie.

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Curvy Kate Emily in Grape Review!

Big bras are becoming popular, and why not? With different colours, styles, and designs to choose from, big-busted women are having a grand time just choosing on what bra to buy.

Curvy Kate is a brand that specializes in big bras, and we had the opportunity to review one of its bestsellers—the Emily in Grape.

What you’ll love about the design would be its lush lace design, and its silky finish. It also has an embroidered floral tones, and adorned with a feminine ribbon bows. It has an underwire which provides support with a superb fit.  Its straps can be adjusted according to fit. It’s very fashionable, and its stylish design truly sets it apart from the rest of the big bras in the market right now.

We highly recommend Curvy Kate Emily, and we’re sure you would feel and look sexy in an instant upon wearing Curvy Kate lingerie.

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Choosing The Correct Sports Bra

If you live an active lifestyle, you should know by now that a sports bra is a necessity in order for you to engage in physical activity with comfort and ease. If this is your first time in buying one, we’ll give you tips on how to correctly choose the correct sports bra.

Remember to consider your impact level. Will you be using it for running? Weight training? Basketball, or tennis? Low impact are mostly weight training or walking. Medium is for moderate hiking and inline skating, and high is for aerobics, running, and mountain biking.

Sports bra types vary. If your cup size is A-B, choose the compression type. Combination types are for B-C, while encapsulation types are for D to DD.

Make sure that the fit is perfect– not too tight that you can’t breathe, or not too loose, like a regular bra. Consult your bra fitter for advice, and more tips.

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