Get Your Bra Fitting

Here’s the bra fitting idea: get a measuring tape. Stand in front of the mirror. Wrap the measuring tape around your chest. Wrap the measuring tape around your bust this time. Get measurements. Sounds familiar? Well, this is usually the traditional way of measuring your bra size, and unfortunately, no matter how simple it may sound, they will most probably be inaccurate.

This is the reason why a bra fitting session is important. A professional bra fitter will definitely help you get that accurate bra size. A bra fitting makes it easy for you to determine your correct size that you can use as reference each time you shop for new bras. Bra fitters also go the extra mile by suggesting different bra styles for you to try that will definitely complement your figure. Talk about great service!

Schedule a bra fitting with a professional and spare yourself the trouble of having an inaccurate bra size.

bra fitting

are you wearing the wrong size bra?

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The Best Bra For You

Women come in different sizes and shapes, so it’s only natural that there are many different styles and types of bras to choose from, depending on our bra size. Of course, knowing our exact bra size is important, because it can determine how much support and comfort should be provided by the bra that we choose.

Since there are various bra styles and designs, here are some tips you can help you choose the best bra for you.

Small busts need a bra that will help enhance and hold your breasts. Choose a half-cup, plunge, or padded bras.

Average sized busts have the luxury of choosing any type of bra.

Full busts need a bra that provides support. Go for soft-cupped brassieres and a balcony type brassiere.

Now that you have an idea what lingerie to buy depending on your bust size, remember to have your bra size measured so you’ll be able to get that perfect brassiere.

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Telltale Signs Your Bra Size Is Wrong

In the United States, an estimated 8 out of 10 women are wearing the wrong bra size. Don’t want to become a victim any longer? Listen up, and we’ll give you some indicators that will tell you that your bra is poorly-fit.

Most department and lingerie stores offer bra fitting services but if you are not comfortable with this here are a few tips to find out if your bra size is no good.

If you keep on readjusting the straps of your bra, then something is obviously wrong. Also, if the bra straps are tight on the shoulders and causing red marks or neck pain, it means that your bra’s band is not providing support. Breasts shouldn’t be overflowing on the bottom of the bra or under the armpits, and if it does, it’s time to go up one cup size. If you keep on readjusting for the band to go down at the back because it keeps on riding up, the band size is too big.

Finding out the correct bra size is important if you want to feel comfortable and if you want to get the maximum support possible for your breasts.

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Union Files Discrimination Suit

A union has recently filed a discrimination suit again a store that allegedly required a female employee to wear a tag that bore her bra size.

Swedish union The Commercial Employees’ Union has filed a discrimination suit against a store accused of forcing an employee to wear a name tag listing her bra size.

Representatives from the union said that the act of requiring a female employee to wear a tag that bore her bra size was not fair and was definitely an insult not only against the said female employee but to women in general. The female employee remains unnamed to this day.

The Swedish union is suing the company that owns a store called “Change” in Gothenburg. Accordingly, the female employee complained in November that she was forced to wear a tag that bore her bra size. She said that it was against her will to do so.

The company that owns “Change,” however, insisted that the female employee did it voluntarily and that they did not enforce it to the employee.

The lawsuit alleges a breach of discrimination laws and the union’s collective wage agreement.

“Our union member has experienced something offensive and discomforting in the wearing of such badges. For her, bust size is deeply personal,” union spokeswoman Jannika Fahlander said in a statement.

The suit is seeking $43,410 in compensation for the employee and $14,443 to the union for violating the collective bargaining agreement.

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