What is Crochet Swimwear?

When one hears the term ‘crotched’, the immediate association is the white tablecloth your grandmother made from some form of wool. However, crocheting has progressed greatly since the 1980s and one can know find this form of needlework walking alongside the ocean. Yes, the 21st century has introduced crochet swimwear.

Crochet bikinis come in many designs, styles and colours from bikinis to full suits. Some of the most popular are the backless one-piece suits. This type of swimwear is not made from a form of wool or string, instead has been developed using elastine and polymide. It is referred to as the crotched look due to the overall interwoven string designs in various colours. The weaving across the genitals and breasts is sewn onto flesh-coloured material to maintain discretion and reduce any unwanted scratching of the body parts against the weave.

Everyone is looking for something new and exciting, and crotched swimwear is definitely exciting!


black crochet monokini swimwear

black crochet monokini

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Pregnancy Underwear & Clothing Suggestions

Pregnancy wear is for all time heavy on your pockets because you will be wearing them merely for a few months. Therefore choosing a maternity wardrobe requires smart thinking to shop cleverly and get the most for the money spent.

Pregnancy is the most joyful phase for every woman and maternity apparels need to be comfortable, stretchable, and durable. Choosing a pregnancy wardrobe means making way for new loose fit clothes for mother and the new born.

Here are a few steps in choosing a Maternity Wardrobe

1. Favour discount sales, bargains, fleet markets, and freebies to acquire these clothes. You will absolutely find interesting and fashionable apparels for a lesser expense. Borrowing a few dresses from friends and relatives who became mommies will cut back your costs even better.

2. Select Your Own Clothes – A number of loose fit clothes you’ve had shopped long back may come to use now. Those wrap around skirts, frilly stretchy dresses, ponchos and sarong dresses may be put to use now. Even the yoga pants, lycra leggings, stretch pants and sweaters can also be used now.

3. Pregnancy Lingerie Wear – acquiring a set of bikini underwear is the spot on thing to do. The size can be adjusted or resized and worn even after baby delivery. Comfortable granny underwear is also a good choice.

While selecting bras, you can go for stretchable sports bras and then buy a maternity bra for the convenience of nursing the baby. You should shop early to get familiar to these maternity apparels.

4. Pregnancy Footwear – It has been widely known that flat or just low heeled shoes is all the time better as it will maintain the body balance. Slippers, sandals, and slip shoes are known to provide the comfortable feel, it is simple as well as trendy.

5. Pregnancy Party Wear – Wearing dark colours does make you look thinner. Blacks and browns will reasonably hide the baby bump. Stockings that are thigh high will make the legs long slender and neat.

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Choosing The Right Maternity Swimsuit

Beach parties are what is hot this season when you are in search of fashion tips to wear because it is where everyone would like to dress as skimpy as possible as they could get to look hot and with style. If you have those baby bumps and fat skin there is no need to worry or be shy on flaunting it because the pregnancy outfits are available the way you want it.

There is no need  to be anxious when someone invites you to a beach party and there is no need to cancel those invites, do not be a spoil sport because you have these baby bump and you do not want to wear maternity clothes to the beach or you do not have these plus size swimsuits, now is the time to carry yourself with pride because  you are going to be a mother where not everybody is going to be, act as if there is no change in your lifestyle because maternity swimsuits are now in store for mothers like you.

Here are some tips for upcoming mothers before choosing the right Maternity Swimsuits

A week long of nourishment and massaging your skin with body butters or essential oils will make your skin look clean and glowing. You must get rid of the hairs on your tummy by using a hair removing cream or a shaver.

A funky tattoo sticker will not hurt your baby or your tummy if you feel like putting one on your navel to create an attractive design but be sure to clean your navel with an ear buds to make your tummy nice and cleanly attractive.

And now on selecting the Right Maternity Swimsuit for you

As we all know that one of the excellent exercise during pregnancy is swimming because it is proven to improve the blood circulation in your body and it also stretches the pelvic region of your bone structure which is an important part when giving birth aside that it also helps to decrease your body weight on the post pregnancy stage.

For those who do not have any idea or who do not know about bikini underwear, it is the most comfortable clothing to wear during pregnancy because the waist size can be set accordingly. Here are some kinds of maternity swimsuit to choose.


In the course of the phase, an adjustable halter bikini is the best choice to make because s the bust changes you can adjust it accordingly aside from the waist band that needs to be comfortable and be easily expanded for the changes in your growing bump.

A tankini is the best choice to have when in search of a maternity swimsuit because there is no need to have those hairs removed, no waxing on the bump or on the pubic area of yours because this style of swimwear not only trims the fat look it hides the bumps and can easily be set.


This is definitely ranking on top when it comes to women’s beach fashion and you can have combinations with it to look hot like the halter neck paired with shorts which is really happening on beach parties and you can choose from wearing a denim or a khaki shorts if you prefer where these will give you a rugged look.


The plus size swimsuits could look awkward after a beach play but no need to worry for this kind of swim wear can be covered by these stylish outfits to stay comfortable and free and it could also be worn with the maternity swimsuit for this can cover the bumps.

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