Prima Donna Madison

A full figure under wire bra is a great choice for busty women, in this article we are reviewing Undie award winners bra by Wacoal.
Wacoal basic beauty full figure under wire bra has been featured in style magazine and received the award for the best under garment. This Wacoal bra has been designed especially for the full figured women; it is a full coverage under wire bra that is made of durable and stretch nylon. This is the most comfortable bra for every day wear, it provides comfort and support, the cups are really soft, and it gives a smooth appearance under clothes and gives a nice, smooth and rounded natural shape. No lines will be shown even under fitted tops and clingiest clothes, the cups are molded, lightly lined and have under wires, the cups give a natural rounded shape to the chest. The bra has pretty picot trim on the neckline and shoulder straps, straps are adjustable, the cups are lightly lined for modesty but are free of padding. The sides of the bra are also seamless, the bra has a V back, this bra is perfect for the plus size and full figured women, this bra gives a perfect fit, the bra is very durable and supports all the way.

prima donna madison full cup bra

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Victoria’s Secret Dream Angels

Victoria’s secret bras are very beautiful, the bras are so light that you won’t feel you are wearing one, there are dream angels plunge bras and multi way bras. The dream angels multi way bras are really pretty, this bra can be worn in four different ways, the padding in this bra conforms to your breast for a natural and comfortable fit. This bra feels very comfortable and is light as air, the cup lining is super soft and the straps make it comfortable, it also has pretty lace on it but it won’t show under your clothes. The cups are under wired and the cups are padded lightly, and this bra is made of nylon. This bra can be worn in classic way, or racer back, halter, cross back or strapless. That is why it is called multi way bra; in the price of one bra you can get all the options. If you want a full converge bra, the Victoria’s secret perfect coverage bra is for you, it has a perfect fit padding, super soft lining and adjustable straps, the cups give full coverage and are lightly padded, this makes these bras so soft and light.

victorias secret dream multi way plunge

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Celeb Bra Styles

Finding a well fitting bra is very important, for a flattering body and to feel confident. There are many bra styles, sizes and designs; one can easily get one in their size if they shop from the right place. Ever wondered what celebrities are wearing, Long line bra is really popular these days among celebrities as Rhianna wore a long line bra in her only girl video. Celebrities swear by a padded bra, Sofia Vergara was seen wearing a padded bra by Affinitas, on the allure magazine’s latest cover issue, she is a proud size 32 F. Madonna wore a fabulous Fantasie bra, in an US magazine photo shoot; it was a belle under wire balcony bra. Jessica Alba admits openly that she wore Spanx slim shaping body suit, during her entire filming of the movie, the fantastic four, to look slim and ravishing. Drew Barrymore wore the Enell sports bra during the filming of Charlie’s angels, Oprah Winfrey swears by lingerie from Wacoal. Thus, one can imagine that stars don’t have the perfect bodies we assume they have, they work on it and get the right lingerie that flatters their body type. You can also flatter your body if you wear the right type of lingerie.

madonna in Fantasie belle bra for us magazine shoot

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Fresh Pair Bra Fitting

Do you ever wonder if you are wearing the right bra size, and how important is bra fitting, do you ever get fitted by a professional? A bra fitting professional can tell by just looking at you that you are wearing a wrong bra size, it is an estimate that more than 80% women wear an ill fitting bra, does it surprise you? Here are a few bra fitting tips to let you know what common mistakes women make, Bobbie smith from fresh pair shed a light on common mistakes women make. According to her, women should not pick a bra by looking at the cup size, instead start with the band size, and most women wear a small bra, and that is very common among actors and models, as well. Bobbie is a bra fitting expert with years of experience in fitting women in their right bras, women usually don’t want to go up in cup size, and your band size might be way smaller than your cup size, so one should always shop by the band size. Most women insist on molded cups rather than soft lined bras, but every breast shape is different, a soft lined bra on the other hand has floppy fabric that molds with the shape of your breast.

bra fitting infogram

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Get The Perfect Fit in D-K Cup Bras

It is very important to buy a big bra that fits you right; there are not too many lingerie stores that offer supportive bras for D-K cup women. You should wear a comfortable big bra that supports your bust and back bone; you should not compromise with a tight and ill fitting bra that makes your appearance and posture unflattering. A plus size big bra should be supportive, an under wire big bra is your best friend if you have a cup size above C; you can also wear padded bras if you feel like. Your size may change due to many factors; it could be pregnancy, hormonal changes, exercise, diet, aging or other factors, experts suggest that one should measure their breast size once every six months and buy new under garments as required. You should not use same under garments for more than one year; weight changes can reduce or increase your size, so it is important to get fitted by a professional bra fitter. Always try on bras of different styles before purchasing any, focus on a good fit, and wash your bras in Luke warm water using a gentle soap to extend their life.

Freya Sophia bra from D+

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Fantasie Luxury

Fantasie have fun playful designs that make you feel comfortable and supported at the same time. A beautiful bra does not have to be uncomfortable, fantasie is all about being comfortable and feeling beautiful inside. Discover the luxurious fantasie bra collection for some amazing designs; you should consult the online bra size chart if you are not sure how to shop online for lingerie. Fantasie belle is one of the popular bras and it offers comfort, style and support, it is available for purchase in black, white and nude colors. You should check your bra size every six months as it can change due to several fluctuates, it changes during the monthly cycle, it will change during the pregnancy, it can change due to other factors, such as pills, medication, hormonal changes, diet or exercise, so don’t keep wearing the same bra for years, a woman’s bra size can change due to many reasons. With age, your breast can sag and you will need a bra that supports your drooping breast, so it is important to keep checking your bra size every now and then.

Fantasie Lingerie Brand

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Stylish Panache

If you are looking for plus size bras or bras in D and K cups, you can shop for panache lingerie; panache bras are very comfortable and are available in many sizes. If you need a bigger cup size and super comfortable bra you can shop for panache super bra, the super gorgeous panache Cleo range is designed for the fashion conscious and young at heart, these bras can be bought in many bra styles and colors, you can shop any style and design of bra as long as you feel comfortable in it and it fits you right. You can measure your bust size at home with the help of a measuring tape; if that does not work you can consult a professional bra fitter online or at a lingerie store. It is an estimate that about 80% women wear a wrong size in bra, wearing a wrong size can have unhealthy effects on your body, and lead to a bad posture as well, most women don’t buy their lingerie with careful consideration or they do it in a rush. Your bra should be really comfortable, should support your breast and make you feel good inside, if you have any concerns you can read the panache bra fit guide.

panache bra set

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Lingerie Shopping Tips

Shopping for supportive lingerie for d+ women should not be done in a hassle, take your time, get your correct measurements and look for a brand that offers good quality and support. Lingerie can be bought for daily wear or for special occasion, black lingerie is a popular choice for special occasions and nude lingerie is a common choice for every day wear especially in summer. Lingerie should be well fitting, should give you good coverage and give a good posture, and you can easily measure yourself at home, as so much information is available now over the internet. All you need to have is a measuring tape  to measure around the ribcage under your breast, then measure around the chest or the breast, first one is your band size and the second one is your cup size. You can use bra fitting charts to measure your size; you can pick any bra style and cup style. You should try on different bra styles and choose bras that fit you comfortably, if you don’t like under wire bras you can pick padded bras that are more comfortable and soft.

lingerie shopping

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Lingerie Collection Essentials

There are a few must haves that you all should have in your lingerie wardrobe, there are a few supportive lingerie essentials we all must own, you should invest in comfortable lingerie that can be worn at many occasions with different dresses. Your lingerie collection should include colors such as nudes, black and skin color, if you wear red a lot, keep a red bra as well, you can pick lacy and colorful panties in any color, nudes, black or colorful. We all have a few bras we like to wear everyday, or wear for two or three days simultaneously, there is nothing wrong in it unless you are not sweating in it, but you should alter two or more bras over the week, cause body heat can relax the fabric, everyday bras should be very comfortable, try altering bras and not to wear same bra for three or four days. For summers, wear light cotton bras and bras with padding for winters; you should also have a strapless bra in your lingerie wardrobe. You should also have a t shirt bra and a comfortable sports bra, there are different sports bras as the intensity of sporting activity varies for everyone.

lingerie set

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Solving Lingerie Problems

When shopping for lingerie, you come across many problems, the main problems is the sizing, so how do you go about solving lingerie fitting problems, the most common mistake women make while shopping is picking a bra that has a large band size and small cup size. There are many supportive lingerie styles to choose from, baby doll lingerie is really popular, you can also pick up push up lingerie or one that come with padding and under wire. But, you should try on different styles in lingerie and see what fits you right, if you feel you have taken a small cup size in your bra and the band fits right, go up in cup sizes, go up two cup sizes and go down one band size and see if that fits right. Women have a psyche buying a bra that looks pretty rather one that fits right, they pick bra size they want to be, and here comes all the fitting problems, but wearing a small size for large breast is a big mistake. This will make your breast saggy in no time, if you have jumped from a 36C to 36D, no one will notice the difference if you wear a bra in the right size.

lingerie shopping tips

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