Celeb Bra Styles

Finding a well fitting bra is very important, for a flattering body and to feel confident. There are many bra styles, sizes and designs; one can easily get one in their size if they shop from the right place. Ever wondered what celebrities are wearing, Long line bra is really popular these days among celebrities as Rhianna wore a long line bra in her only girl video. Celebrities swear by a padded bra, Sofia Vergara was seen wearing a padded bra by Affinitas, on the allure magazine’s latest cover issue, she is a proud size 32 F. Madonna wore a fabulous Fantasie bra, in an US magazine photo shoot; it was a belle under wire balcony bra. Jessica Alba admits openly that she wore Spanx slim shaping body suit, during her entire filming of the movie, the fantastic four, to look slim and ravishing. Drew Barrymore wore the Enell sports bra during the filming of Charlie’s angels, Oprah Winfrey swears by lingerie from Wacoal. Thus, one can imagine that stars don’t have the perfect bodies we assume they have, they work on it and get the right lingerie that flatters their body type. You can also flatter your body if you wear the right type of lingerie.

madonna in Fantasie belle bra for us magazine shoot

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