Lingerie Collection Essentials

There are a few must haves that you all should have in your lingerie wardrobe, there are a few supportive lingerie essentials we all must own, you should invest in comfortable lingerie that can be worn at many occasions with different dresses. Your lingerie collection should include colors such as nudes, black and skin color, if you wear red a lot, keep a red bra as well, you can pick lacy and colorful panties in any color, nudes, black or colorful. We all have a few bras we like to wear everyday, or wear for two or three days simultaneously, there is nothing wrong in it unless you are not sweating in it, but you should alter two or more bras over the week, cause body heat can relax the fabric, everyday bras should be very comfortable, try altering bras and not to wear same bra for three or four days. For summers, wear light cotton bras and bras with padding for winters; you should also have a strapless bra in your lingerie wardrobe. You should also have a t shirt bra and a comfortable sports bra, there are different sports bras as the intensity of sporting activity varies for everyone.

lingerie set

October 16, 2013. Tags: , . Bras, Lingerie.

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