Bra Sytles for Petite Women

If you are looking for bra styles for petite women, you should check out the petite section of lingerie store, if that is hard to find here are a few tips to help you in your search. You can find a wonderful bra even if you are petite, you should look for a bra that comes with defined cups, a padded or plunge bra can be a good choice for you. The most common bra problems petite women face are the cups being too large or the back band being loose, you should always find a bra you are comfortable in, a comfortable bra is the one that has defined cups for your breast, and the back band lies against your back without riding up or being loose. Any woman below 5 feet four inches having a small frame and bust is classified as petite, you can really rock half cup bras and demi bras, these bras have nice wires that lie just below the bust line giving a nice cleavage and lift. There are many other issues such as having uneven breast, but you should not be embarrassed about it as it is very common and natural, you should try a stretch cup bra.

bra styles for petite women


October 14, 2013. Tags: , , . Bra Fitting, Bras.

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