Big Bra Shopping Tips

Many women take purchasing bras lightly, but it is a rather complex if you are looking for big cup sized bras. Women with smaller busts will simply take something off the rack, but larger busted females need a little more time to ensure the item is not ill-fitting and will support them properly. Here are a few tips to help you choose the best big bra for your needs.

Always get a professional fitting – it’s more useful than you think and it’s not as embarrassing as most imagine it to be.

Don’t focus on the cup entirely, the back of the bra is important as well. The bra must be comfortable to wear, which means a band must not be too tight or too lose as this will affect your support.

Check the big bra straps – loose straps don’t provide enough support, and what’s the point if there’s no support?


bras for big cup sizes

Panache Andorra Plunge Bra

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Freya – UK’s Number 1

If you are on the lookout for fun and luxurious lingerie, it’s about time to end your search—Freya, UK’s bestselling brand of lingerie, is your one-stop for high-quality, fashionable, and comfortable big bras.

Big bra woes are a thing of the past, thanks to Freya. The brand has been consistently making stylish lingerie for every woman. If you love the thought of playful colours, sensual styles, and comfort all in one stylish bra, you will be sure to fall in love with Freya.

Freya’s lingerie collection is brilliantly made, resulting into fine and exquisite lingerie. The brand’s big bras are known for its stylish designs and youthful appeal, making it one of the popular lingerie brands in the big bra market.

The brand offers big bras that range from a B to K cup. Styles are aplenty, as you will be sure to find a bra that you would surely love.


Freya Arabella Suspender

sexy Freya Arabella suspender lingerie

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Bra Fitting With a Professional

According to celebrity fashion consultant Gok Wan, one of the greatest problems facing females and their bosoms is that many women are wearing the incorrect size bra. In various interviews he has noted that while professional bra fitting is available, many women choose not to access this service and wear bras which are too big or too small. This not only creates catastrophic fashion faux pas’ but can also damage one’s health.

Many women are too embarrassed to go have a professional bra fitting, and will wear ill-fitting bras. Unfortunately, this can lead to breast tissue damage and potentially misshapen breasts. One must also take into account that a professional bra fitting doesn’t include nudity – it is merely a measuring of one’s bust size whilst wearing a bra.

In conclusion, considering the consequences of wearing an ill-fitting bra perhaps some embarrassment isn’t all that bad. A bra fitting could keep your breasts healthy!

professional bra fitter

get the perfect fit with a professional

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The Right Fit: Freya Bras

Freya lingerie has long been known as one of the popular lingerie brands made exclusively for big-busted or plus-sized women. What separates the brand Freya from the rest would be its promise of superior fitting big bras that combine fashion and fun. If you are on the lookout for a big bra that has style, taste, and fit, it’s about time that you discover Freya.

Having a wide range of sizes and styles is one of the brand’s many traits. If you worry about not finding a bra that is bigger that a cup G, you’d be glad to know that it bra cup sizes that are from D-K, making sure that you’d get the  proper fit that you’ve been looking for in a big bra. When it comes to style, you can choose from the brand’s many colours, prints, designs, and styles.

Find the right fit with a Freya big bra.

White Freya Retro Bra

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