Bridal Lingerie for Your Big Day

Have you ever stopped and considered what lingerie to wear on your wedding day? Every wedding day deserves beautiful bridal lingerie to make you feel even more beautiful and comfortable.

Many women take bridal lingerie for granted, often placing it on the bottom of their lists when it comes to wedding preparations. Keep in mind, bridal lingerie can truly enhance the figure of your body, come wedding day. Soon-to-be brides, let’s not forget that bridal lingerie is a crucial part of your wedding outfit ensemble! Here are some tips to consider when you are ready to buy bridal lingerie.

Remember to choose comfort. You want to be as comfortable as possible as you stand on the altar to get married. If you want to enhance the shape of your body while wearing your wedding gown, you can choose a bustier, a girdle, or a corset. They help give more definition to your waist and bust, helping you achieve that hourglass shape.

Bridal lingerie is definitely an important part of your wedding!

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Strapless Bra Tips

Admit it—a strapless bra is one complicated piece of lingerie. It can be quite hard to wear, and we sometimes fear that it will just fall out of place during the most important part of the evening, which can be really, really embarrassing. Well, it’s time to kiss your fears of the strapless bra goodbye—here are some tips that you can keep in mind so that you can turn that strapless bra into your best friend.

First things first—when you buy a strapless bra, make sure to try it on first. Move around it when you try them on—stretch and bend over, just to make sure that it will stay in place and is of the right fit. Throw your hands up, dance in it, or whatever—rule is, make sure it will stay in place! Choose a colour that won’t show through your dress. Nude works perfect for this. Also, include a bra adhesive in your shopping list so that your strapless bra will stay in place for good.

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The Bestsellers: Panache Lingerie

Panache is one of the most exquisite and luxurious brands of lingerie today. With fit, quality, and style combined, women love Panache because of its comfort and superior style that sets it apart among other lingerie brands.

Panache has a lot of lingerie in its collection. If you have become a new fan of Panache, here are the brand’s bestsellers.

The Porcelain collection is truly a staple—it’s the perfect bra to buy if you are buying a Panache for the first time. The Porcelain superbra has a clean and minimal look, and it offers different styles: a tshirt bra, a strapless, and a plunge bra.

If you like the feminine look, then the Ariza collection would be for you. You’d love its intricate lace designs and embroidered finish.

Finally, the Andorra collection is sure to satisfy your love for colour—the collection boasts of a pretty berry colour bra. Perfect for daily wear, the Andorra collection is your best choice for comfort and support.


Panache Lingerie Set


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