Bra Essentials

We all know how a bra is a part of our daily wardrobe. There may be a lot of styles and designs, but basically, it all comes down to 3 types of bras that you should have in your closet.

A convertible bra serves a lot of functions. We love how easily you can convert it into a strapless, a halter-type, and a crisscross style, depending on your outfit or the occasion.

Nude bras are a great choice if you want to wear white dresses or any light-coloured shirts.

Finally, a t-shirt bra are your best bet if you’re planning on wearing dresses made of thin fabrics, tight blouses, and body-hugging tops. They shape the breasts without the additional pads, making you look fabulous even more while wearing your favorite outfit.

It’s best to have these bras inside your closet so you can make the most out of your outfit and complement it with a great choice in lingerie.

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Comfort, Style, Support, That’s Fantasie!

Fantasie is a brand that has been specializing in lingerie and swimwear for curvy and big-busted women. Their intimate wear collection is a treat—bright and sexy colours, prints, stylish designs and more are trademarks of a Fantasie.

While the brand is more known for their lingerie selection, its swimwear should never be unnoticed. In the past, finding swimwear that is both fashionable and comfortable may be a difficult task for big-busted women, but nowadays, it’s easier and more accessible—because of Fantasie. The brand’s swimwear is sexy and is ultra-comfortable. It also offers a wide range of swimsuits and other beach wear women can choose from. One thing’s for sure—their selections are always fun, sexy, and comfortable.

Fantasie is truly a great brand that deserves all the recognition from women who value design, comfort, and style. Remember to include the brand on your shopping list, and we promise you won’t regret it!

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Curvy Kate Emily in Grape Review!

Big bras are becoming popular, and why not? With different colours, styles, and designs to choose from, big-busted women are having a grand time just choosing on what bra to buy.

Curvy Kate is a brand that specializes in big bras, and we had the opportunity to review one of its bestsellers—the Emily in Grape.

What you’ll love about the design would be its lush lace design, and its silky finish. It also has an embroidered floral tones, and adorned with a feminine ribbon bows. It has an underwire which provides support with a superb fit.  Its straps can be adjusted according to fit. It’s very fashionable, and its stylish design truly sets it apart from the rest of the big bras in the market right now.

We highly recommend Curvy Kate Emily, and we’re sure you would feel and look sexy in an instant upon wearing Curvy Kate lingerie.

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Quick Bra Fit Tips

Women are often in a pickle due to poorly fitted bras. A large percentage of women often have a bra too small that causes gapage over the edge of the cup. Often women buy  big bras that ride up and cause embarrassment.
So in order for you to avoid awkward situations because of a poorly-fit bra, here are some tips to consider.

Bra fitting is important– but if you do not have the resources to consult the services of a bra fitter, you can do it yourself. Bra fitting isn’t easy, but with enough practice I’m sure you’ll get through it.

Remember that the cup should be able to snugly fit your breasts. Bulging means it’s too small, so go up one cup if this happens. Go down a size if there are wrinkles or extra fabric on the cup.

It’s time to go down a band size if it’s “riding” up high in the back. Also, if it feels too tight and leaves red marks, go up a size.

Make sure you get a bra fitting whenever possible!

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Choosing The Correct Sports Bra

If you live an active lifestyle, you should know by now that a sports bra is a necessity in order for you to engage in physical activity with comfort and ease. If this is your first time in buying one, we’ll give you tips on how to correctly choose the correct sports bra.

Remember to consider your impact level. Will you be using it for running? Weight training? Basketball, or tennis? Low impact are mostly weight training or walking. Medium is for moderate hiking and inline skating, and high is for aerobics, running, and mountain biking.

Sports bra types vary. If your cup size is A-B, choose the compression type. Combination types are for B-C, while encapsulation types are for D to DD.

Make sure that the fit is perfect– not too tight that you can’t breathe, or not too loose, like a regular bra. Consult your bra fitter for advice, and more tips.

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The Best Bra For You

Women come in different sizes and shapes, so it’s only natural that there are many different styles and types of bras to choose from, depending on our bra size. Of course, knowing our exact bra size is important, because it can determine how much support and comfort should be provided by the bra that we choose.

Since there are various bra styles and designs, here are some tips you can help you choose the best bra for you.

Small busts need a bra that will help enhance and hold your breasts. Choose a half-cup, plunge, or padded bras.

Average sized busts have the luxury of choosing any type of bra.

Full busts need a bra that provides support. Go for soft-cupped brassieres and a balcony type brassiere.

Now that you have an idea what lingerie to buy depending on your bust size, remember to have your bra size measured so you’ll be able to get that perfect brassiere.

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