Telltale Signs Your Bra Size Is Wrong

In the United States, an estimated 8 out of 10 women are wearing the wrong bra size. Don’t want to become a victim any longer? Listen up, and we’ll give you some indicators that will tell you that your bra is poorly-fit.

Most department and lingerie stores offer bra fitting services but if you are not comfortable with this here are a few tips to find out if your bra size is no good.

If you keep on readjusting the straps of your bra, then something is obviously wrong. Also, if the bra straps are tight on the shoulders and causing red marks or neck pain, it means that your bra’s band is not providing support. Breasts shouldn’t be overflowing on the bottom of the bra or under the armpits, and if it does, it’s time to go up one cup size. If you keep on readjusting for the band to go down at the back because it keeps on riding up, the band size is too big.

Finding out the correct bra size is important if you want to feel comfortable and if you want to get the maximum support possible for your breasts.

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Smart Choices For Active Women

Do you belong to the 68% of women who exercise regularly while still wearing an ordinary bra?

Well, it’s about time to think about your choices for a little while– I’ve got more numbers for you. Did you know that wearing an ordinary bra can only reduce breast movement by 38%? Think of the pain you’re most likely to encounter when this happens. There’s also the risk of breast deformation, and soreness. So why suffer when you’ve got a choice?

Wearing a shockabsorber bra promises to reduce breast movement and bounce due to physical activity by a whopping 78%, allowing less strain and less pain for your breasts. We all know how support is important, so it’s vital to wear a shockabsorber bra during those days you want to break out a sweat or two from running, walking, hiking, or biking.

Make that smart choice now. Wear a shockabsorber bra.

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Bra Fitting Tips & Advice

Finding the perfect-fitting bra is a very, very tricky process. Bras come in different sizes and styles, and sometimes it can become confusing and frustrating for women to find that perfect fit.

One thing a woman should remember is to always prioritize comfort over design, however it’s a relief to know that modern bras come in beautiful designs and different styles that don’t lack the supporting features that truly matters.

Bra fitting is a process that shouldn’t be taken lightly– it’s the first key step. Whenever bra fitting is done, make sure that you position the bra in its right place, which is between your shoulders and elbows. Make sure that the undergarment is straight from front to back. Choose a deeper cup, rather than increasing the band size, whenever you feel that the fit is too small. This way, the breasts may appear “lifted” and shapely.

Bra fitting requires patience, and sometimes, an expert. A properly-fitted brassiere totally makes the difference!

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