Denise Welch Flashes Big Bra

Celebrity Big Brother winner Denise Welch does it again. The actress again showed her big bra to the public albeit intended as a joke. Welch, who recently flashed her big bra at her husband Tim Healy, once again did the same thing when she flashed her nude big bra outside a wine store. Welch was even joined in by some of her female pals who also flashed Healy their bras.

Healy spent his birthday at a Gusto restaurant in Alderley Edge, Cheshire. It was when his wife Welch and Welch’s female friends flashed him their big bras.

Unfortunately for Welch, her antics may have been overshadowed slightly by newspaper reports that she has been having an eight month extra marital affair with a gay party planner. The gay party planner even claimed that Welch made him “straight” after a romp at the back of a taxi.

In response, Welch released a statement saying: ‘It’s Tim’s 60th Birthday and we are celebrating that and the fact that mummy is home after 3 weeks in the BB house. We are not interested in the Sunday Mirror Article.’

Meanwhile, Welch wore a brightly-coloured outfit comprised of a fuchsia top with pair of jeans in a slightly darker shade of pink and a pair of knee-high boots when she did her “big bra flashing” stint outside the wine shop.

Welch was also photographed talking to friend Patricia Penrose, star of Heartbeat. The two ladies hugged.

February 7, 2012. Tags: , , , . Bras, Large Bras, Lingerie.

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